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Full Service Market Research Institute

As a full-service market research institute, we are able to support every step of your market research project. Over the past 12 months, we've generated valuable and extensive consumer insights for our clients by conducting over 1 million interviews. We carry out national and international projects, i.a. in Germany, France, UK, USA as well as in Asia, and we are happy to share our international expertise with you.

Our focus


Customer and employee satisfaction are central drivers of your company's success. For years, we have been honoring the best employers in various countries and have also evaluated similar key performance indicators for our clients individually.


Key indicators of brand awareness, such as image and brand strength, are among the most important factors of a successful business. We identify and award the most popular brands on a regular basis, while also analyzing individual brand metrics for clients.


We support your company throughout the entire innovation cycle: Develop new product ideas with us and test the concepts or products directly in your target group. We help you to identify innovation opportunities and market them successfully.

Our methods

Quantitative methods

With over 1,000,000 online interviews a year, Statista Research & Analysis is one of the largest market research providers. We are your experts for online surveys of any kind. We prepare ready-to-use results for you to streamline your research and analysis process. Get your results in Excel, PowerPoint or optionally as an infographic, animated database, dashboard or video.

Qualitative methods

While stats is the name of our game, we also have a way with words. We study the motives, expectations and attitudes of your potential customers in group discussions. We can also validate market data and developments in expert interviews. Whether through participant observation, expert interview or group discussion: We are your go-to partner for qualitative market research approaches, offline as well as online.

Quantitative methods at a glance

Online survey

CAWI - Computer Assisted Web Interviews are simple, fast and accurate online surveys which offer a research-economical study approach for every budget

Telephone survey

CATI - Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews to expand the audience of surveys to include offline and decision-making target groups

Face-2-Face interview

CAPI - Computer Assisted Personal Interviews reach demanding target groups (such as doctors) reliably in face-to-face interviews

On-site survey

CLT - Central Location Testing Studio for testing in central places in large cities and field research in developing countries

Cluster analysis

We explore, segment and describe your target gropups on the basis of socio-demographic and other relevant characteristics

Conjoint analysis

Together with us you optimize your product range and find out how your product should be designed and priced

Factor analysis

We condense your data and reveal essential factors and properties for the findings

Correlation analysis

Recognize and identify connections! We analyze the relationship between features and open up new perspectives

Regression analysis

Whether simple, multiple, linear or non-linear regression, we will examine the nature of the relationship between variables in a model

Driver analysis

We identify factors that drive your product and your business to long-term success

Statista Customer Cloud

In addition to conventional results and data formats such as Excel, SPSS or PowerPoint Reports, Statista Research & Analysis offers a solution to make market research convenient, agile and efficient. The customer-specific Statista Customer Cloud® is an interactive online evaluation tool: you can generate your own evaluations from the ever-growing database with just one click to see trends and changes at a glance.
The tool also offers the opportunity to continuously and easily evaluate new issues with individual target groups based on a large-scale initial survey and further ad hoc surveys of the same target persons (re-contact studies).

Cloud-based analysis tool

  • Your DIY online evaluation tool
  • Your specific target groups
  • Your deep-dive by combining all study results

If you want results in form of infographics, videos or microsites, please consider our inhouse Statista Content & Infographic Service.

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