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3rd edition of the Digital Economy Compass

For the third time, Statista has published the Digital Economy Compass 2019, a standard work on digital economy. The Digital Economy Compass provides a comprehensive look at the development and trends of the digital world. In three chapters we cover the following exciting topics:

Data explosion: How is the exponential growth, where is the data stored and what is the benefit?

Artificial intelligence: potential, use cases and investments

Investment & Funding: From the biggest funds to mega-rounds to the latest market valuations

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After the huge success of the HABONA REPORT 2018, which is the first sector report for retail real estate, Statista, Habona Invest GmbH and the renowned real estate consultant Savills have published the HABONA REPORT 2019. The focal topic of the current issue is demographic change and its impact on consumer behavior and the local amenities market. Well-known companies from the food trade, project development and investment provide exclusive insights from their respective perspectives.

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Automotive Brand Reports

Mercedes-Benz is the leader in which car segment? In which country does Toyota sell most of its cars? The new and exclusive Statista brand reports from the automotive industry have the answers. Based on the Statista Mobility Market Outlook, our analysts have produced 44 reports on various car brands. The reports contain information on global and regional sales figures, revenues and market shares as well as forecasts up to the year 2022.

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Digital Trends & the New World of Work

In cooperation with Accenture and XING, Statista recently published the study “Digital Trends & the New World of Work”. The study reveals that many employees in Germany only have a partial-knowledge on topics such as design thinking, artificial intelligence and blockchain. The highly anticipated launch took place as part of an exclusive after-work event on the 14th floor of the Accenture Office. 50 selected guests were invited, including the CIO of Otto as well as representatives of Körber, Olympus, Barclaycard, Tesa, HASPA, Daimler and Generali.

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Families are Crossing Southern U.S. Border in Record Numbers

Undocumented immigrants travelling in family units have been crossing the Southern U.S. border in record numbers, as inferred to by arrest counts from Customs and Border Protection. In May 2019, more than 84,000 people were apprehended while trying to cross the border with their families, exceeding the number of other apprehended people by 36,000. The number of families arrested had already pushed total border apprehensions to an 11-year high in February. The number of immigrants apprehended with their family in fiscal year 2019 so far had by February also exceeded the record for most family apprehensions in a whole year, set in FY2018. Recently, more immigrants that are coming across the Southern U.S. border have travelled from countries in Central America, like Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador, while undocumented immigrants from Mexico remain the largest group. These migrants often claim asylum because of political turmoil in their home countries.

U.S. Women Are Half of College Grad Work Force

Women in the U.S. now make up half of the college-educated workforce, on par with the number of college-educated men in the workforce. As of the first quarter of 2019, there are 29.5 million women, who are college graduates and part of the workforce, while there are 29.3 million men with the same credentials. Among this demographic of college graduates in the U.S. labor force, women are expected to bypass men later this year. Advancing gender equality among college graduates in the labor force is important for boosting women’s earnings. Higher education is strongly correlated with income. College-educated women earn a median income of $51,600 compared to $36,000 for women overall, according to the Census Bureau.

Big 4 Dominate TV-Based Video Streaming in the U.S.

As traditional TV viewing gradually declines, more and more people stream movies and other video content online. That doesn’t mean that they don’t want to watch their favorite show on the big screen though, which is why many combine the best of both worlds and enjoy the flexibility of online video with the comfort of the living room and stream directly to their TVs. According to a recent comScore report, 64 million households in the U.S. used over-the-top (OTT) streaming in March 2019, meaning they streamed online video to a TV using a set-top box, a streaming stick, a game console or simply a smart TV. As our chart illustrates, Netflix is the most popular service of choice, reaching 75 percent of all OTT households, ahead of YouTube (55 percent), Amazon Prime Video (44 percent) and Hulu (32 percent). According to comScore’s estimates, these four streaming services account for 79 percent of all OTT streaming in the United States, which amounted to an average of 86 hours per household in March 2019.

Women’s Soccer: U.S. Always on the World Cup Podium

Since inaugaural 1991 FIFA Women’s World Cup in China, the United States team has made it onto every single ‘podium’ come the end of the tournament, and this year’s contest in France is no exception. As this infographic shows, the U.S. ladies have lifted the trophy aloft a total of three times, come runners up once and finished in third place three times – stamping their dominance on the modern women’s game with talented and increasingly high-profile players such as Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan.

The UK’s best-selling cars in 2019

New figures released today by SMMT reveal that the UK new car market declined for the fourth consecutive month with year on year growth of -4.9 percent in June. The drop off was aided in part by a first fall in 26 months of demand for alternatively fuelled vehicles. When it comes to best selling models, Ford have been typically dominant in 2019 so far, with the Fiesta and Focus at the top of the ranking, having been sold a combined 75,536 times. The Volkswagen Golf makes up the top three with 31,493.

12 U.S. States Are Boosting Their Gasoline Tax Today

On the 1st of July, gasoline taxes are rising in a dozen U.S. states. The increase is particularly notable in Illinois given that the state hasn’t altered its gas tax since 1990. It’s bumping its gas tax by 19 cents to 38 cents a gallon. California is also among the states with increases and taxes in the Golden State are going up by 5.6 cents. That now equates to 47.3 cents per gallon, meaning California once again has the highest gasoline prices in the country. The following infographic shows where gasoline taxes are going up today and it’s based on data from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.

Decline of Working Age Population Concern for Some OECD Countries

Within the OECD, Korea, Japan, Germany and Italy are among the countries most heavily affected by a decline of their working age populations. Taking each country’s population between the ages of 20 and 64 in the year 2000 as a base, the OECD calculated that by 2050, that population would only be around 80 percent of its original size in Korea and Italy. In Japan, the country most heavily affected, that number would be just over 60 percent. For the OECD in total, the size of the working age population is actually expected to increase and be at 111 percent of the 2000 figure in 2050. The growth is driven by countries with strong birth rates and large populations, like Australia, Turkey and the United States. While Japan’s working age population has been in decline since the 1990s, Korea’s working age population was growing until up till now but is expected to start its decline this year. For countries experiencing a decline of working age population, problems like underfunded social systems, tight labor markets and an overstretched medical and care sector are common problems.

1/3 of Global Arms Exports Come from the U.S.

Between 2014 and 2018, one-third of all global arms exports came from the United States. The U.S. sold arms to 98 states. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the top five weapons exporters were responsible for three-quarters of all global arms exports over that same period. Historically, the United States and Russia, previously the Soviet Union, have always been neck-in-neck when it comes to arms manufacturing and exporting. While the U.S. and Russia remain the top two exporters, the U.S. has pulled away from Russia during this time frame. Between 2009 and 2013, U.S. exports were 12 percent higher than Russian exports; between 2014 and 2018 U.S. arms exports were 75 percent higher than Russia’s.

The Highest-Funded Startups in India

Food delivery service Swiggy was the highest-funded startup in India in 2018, collecting US$1.31 billion in three financing rounds. Tencent, DST Globe and Naspers, Meituan-Dianping and Hillhouse Capital were among the backers. Swiggy is joining delivery ventures UberEats, Zomato (also in the top 10) and Foodpanda in a well-funded portion of the Indian startup market. With more players in the segment, market consolidation is becoming more likely. The startups second and third on the list deal in hotels (OYO) and online education (BYJU’s) and the rest of the bunch is also an eclectic mix of different industry segments.

Marketers Have Yet to Embrace Snapchat

Instagram is having its moment in the marketing limelight. A new study from Social Media Examiner found that nearly three-quarters of marketers they surveyed are working with Instagram, a 7-point increase from last year’s report. The ‘gram was the only platform to see a significant jump in usage, with YouTube registering a modest 4-point increase in reported use. Marketers interest with Instagram may be somewhat motivated by the significant jump in the referral traffic coming from the image oriented social network. According to Merkle, Instagram experienced a 114 percent increase year-on-year in its referral traffic. Instagram is also one of the few social networks whose reported user base is growing, an appealing fact for marketers.