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Coffee in Numbers

The Report “Coffee in Numbers,” in its seventh edition, is an engaging selection of coffee statistics from around the world. We partnered with Brandeins Wissen to deliver exciting figures and facts about coffee, highlighting the expertise of Tchibo, Germany’s largest coffee roaster on the market.

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White paper on global Smart TV industry

Statista Research & Analysis has developed a white paper on the global smart TV industry in collaboration with Chinese smart TV maker TCL and its subsidiary FFalcon Technology. The whitepaper explores consumer trends and manufacturers’ strategies in the industry, finding that manufacturers of smart TVs are threatened by high-demand digital streaming devices.

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Omnichannel Readiness Study and Index

In retail, various offline and online channels are used to promote products and services and to retain customers. The omnichannel readiness study by Statista Research & Analysis and WISAG, one of Germany’s leading facility management companies, is the first to investigate which “omnichannel” measures appeal to customers and how consumers assess these measures based on usefulness and awareness. The results are impressively illustrated by a specially developed index (ORIX).

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Digital Economy Compass

Statista has compiled the most relevant and recent data on the entire digital economy – a comprehensive overview of one of the pivotal topics of our time. Since accurate data is a critical factor for corporate decision-makers, we have gathered a set of remarkable facts, which are meant to inform and to intrigue.

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Favourite brands of UK millennials

Among millennials in the UK, Netflix is currently the brand which is most often talked about in a positive way. According to YouGov’s BrandIndex ‘Millennial Mentions 2018′, 76.5 percent of 18 to 34 year olds have had a conversation in the last two weeks in which the streaming service was given a complimentary mention. In second place, Spotify was discussed positively by 72.9 percent of respondents, while Primark breaks the tech brands’ monopoly on popularity with an impressive 71.2 percent.

Global Growth Expected to Weaken in 2019

As political and diplomatic turmoil swept the world stage in the last half of 2018, economic prospects for 2019 took a hit, according to new estimates by J.P. Morgan. China experienced a 6.6 percent growth in real GDP in 2018, while in 2019 J.P. Morgan estimates the country will come close to a 6.2 percent growth in real GDP. The United States experienced around a 3 percent growth in real GDP in 2018. Heading into 2019, the U.S. can expect closer to a 2.4 real GDP growth rate.

Premier League Tops the Big Five by Far

The British Premier League has the most revenue to show for of all European football (soccer) leagues. As shown in our infographic, revenue stood at 4.87 billion euros, according to data provided by auditing firm Deloitte. This boils down to a season-over-season increase of 11 percent.

What Smartphone Buyers Really Want

While smartphone manufacturers tend to show off the latest technological advancements cloaked in marketing jargon when presenting a new smartphone model, a recent survey by Morning Consult has revealed that something much more mundane and practical is at the top of smartphone users’ wishlists. According to the survey, longer battery life is the most important feature for American smartphone owners, ahead of usability, storage and durability.

The Digital Transformation of Home Entertainment

The rise of digital formats has not only transformed the music industry over the past two decades. The home entertainment market has also undergone a complete digital makeover. While the introduction of digital movie downloads via services such as iTunes put a dent in physical format sales and rentals, the rise of Netflix and other subscription-based video streaming services really transformed the marketplace for home entertainment.