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Economic impact study of the Pokémon Go Festival

The report is about the positive economic effects of the Pokémon Go festivals on the host cities. The first study was conducted for the Dortmund city festival in 2019, and Statista aims to undertake more studies on the upcoming Niantic Festivals to be hosted globally in 2020. This report reveals that there had been a 49-million-euro economic benefit to the Dortmund and Rhein-Ruhr Metropolitan region, as well as other positive commercial and social effects.

Release: e-cigarettes segment

The Tobacco Market now has a new segment: the e-cigarettes. It includes:

  • Revenue and CAGR of e-cigarettes products for 113 countries
  • Forecast until 2023
  • Segment report

Statista Trend Compass 2020

Our world is changing, driven by technological, economic, social and cultural trends. These trends influence consumer behavior and needs, to which companies must respond. The Statista Trend Compass 2020 highlights 12 key global trends and examines the associated economic potential and customer acceptance. The report also contains exciting examples of innovations that already exist and are being implemented.

2019 in numbers

This DossierPlus summarizes major events of 2019 and captures in numbers trends that characterized the year and had a global impact. The selection of topics was based on the analysis of newscasts and then cross-referenced with Google Trends. Ultimately, the topics identified were grouped into three main categories: politics, economy, and casualties.

eCommerceDB now includes South America

Get detailed insights into the South American eCommerce market. Besides Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, many other countries are waiting to be discovered by you.

Global Sports Sponsorship Market

This study by Statista analyses direct corporate financial endorsement and sponsoring income received by athletes, leagues & teams, federations, governing bodies, and sporting events. The study quantifies the global sports sponsoring market, as well as, the shares received by men and women sports.

Global Economic Outlook Score Q3 2019

The Statista GEO-Score is a unique indicator of economic sentiment that reflects a holistic picture of perceived economic change. Statista and Atheneum survey around 2,000 leading experts from 23 countries and various industries every quarter to assess the current and future economic situation.

New: Country Outlook

The new Outlooks provide fast and comprehensive insights. Access more than 70 current figures and forecasts of economic and social developments in more than 150 countries. The key figures are based on extensive analyzes and research on society and the economy.

Consumer Electronics market expansion

Consumer Electronics now includes the following Smart Home products and TV Peripheral Devices: Smart Speaker, Smart Streaming Devices, Smart Remotes, Video Player.

Global Consumer Survey: new countries available

The Global Consumer Survey offers new country data for: India, Greece, Lithuania, Pakistan, Peru, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.


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